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Module for BrowserAutomationStudio:

The method of clicking on the image or the method of dragging the slider is used.
The solution of the captcha takes place until the final completion - a green checkmark.
The module is tested on a slow internet connection (developer tools - Network - Slow 3g), all images are collected and sent normally.

logoDetailed instructions for the module
Forum thread BrowserAutomationStudio

Captcha support:


Current version:

Module versionBAS versionDescriptionDownload
6.725.8.0 and upFixes to FunCaptcha/hCaptchav6.7_en

Beta version:

Module versionBAS versionDescriptionDownload
6.625.8.0 and upFixes to FunCaptcha/hCaptchav6.6_en

Old versions:

Module versionBAS versionDescriptionDownload and upAdded new Tiktok captcha typev5.0_en and upAdded saved image and debug mode for FunCaptchav5.1_ru
5.325.0.0 and upSome Fixes for all captcha typev5.3_ru
5.725.8.0 and upSome fixes hcaptchav5.7_ru
6.425.8.0 and upFixesv6.4_en

All 3 types of these captchas are supported: Normal, Invisible, EnterPrise.
This solution method is convenient because you do not need to look for how to call "callback"
on the site, learn complex JavaScripts to solve captcha successfully.
The module does not create any "dangerous code" inside the browser and does not break others
types of captchas on websites, how do the actions for solving captchas now built into BAS modules, this means that you do not need to constantly disable or enable this module in your scripts for fear of sanctions from the site.