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Referral program

If you are a media personality or just attract people, for one new participant who registers using your referral link, you will receive 10% when withdrawing to the main account and 1% when withdrawing to payment systems, from the money they spent on solving the captcha.

If you are a developer and your software needs to solve captchas, you can easily earn 1% for life from all participants of our service who use your software by simply adding the request parameter when solving captchas.

You can not use the service at all, but only invite users and have a good passive income!

Where can I get a referral link?

In your personal account, in the ref system section.

Which captchas are taken into account?

At the moment, only reCAPTCHA 2 is taken into account.

Question: The user has registered using my link, but I don't see him, why?

The referral is credited only after they solve one ReCaptcha2.

How do I embed a referral system in my software?

If you use GET, just add "softguru=yourid" to the request, for example "softguru=100001" if you use POST, the name "softguru", the value "Yourid", in this mode only the number of solved captchas by users of your software is displayed, the number of referrals is not output.